Talk About It

photograph by Jessica Murray
photograph by Jessica Murray

You are NOT alone.

Emotional wellness is an important part of feeling happy and being healthy, but it isn’t always easy. According to the American College Health Association as of Spring 2013, 20.7 percent of students reported feeling things were hopeless and 15.2 percent reported feeling so depressed that it was difficult to function.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Talk About It campaign wants to change these numbers. You might’ve seen their bright black and green logo around campus. TAI’s motto “Give Depression a Voice” exemplifies its goals to: (1) teach students about the illness of depression, (2) through education help reduce the stigma associated with depression, and (3) encourage students to seek support and help.

The program emphasizes self-care strategies and healthy thinking which promotes healthy behavior through multiple activities. Depression Outreach Alliance (DORA) is a one-hour, peer-facilitated workshop, which teaches students about signs and symptoms of depression, the process of help-seeking, and coping strategies in response to early symptoms. On Talk About It Tuesdays, the program tables in Towers Lobby. You can stop by to learn more about TAI’s mission and get involved.

If you’ve had feelings of depression or think you are depressed, know someone who is depressed, or just want to be a part of Talk About It’s efforts, your participation would be greatly welcome! Help give depression a voice.

Check out TAI’s website for more info:



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