Smash Bros Club

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SMASH your way to social wellness!
Do you like video games? Ever heard of Super Smash Bros.?

If you answered yes and yes, then you might want to think about joining Pitt’s Smash Bros. Club.

Social wellness involves healthy, interdependent relationships in which people commonly enjoy and care about activities and behaviors. However, sometimes on a campus as large as Pitt’s it’s difficult to find a person or group of people who share similar interests as your own. So how do video games play a role?

One stereotype associated with video games is isolation, but according to the American Psychological Association more than 70% of gamers, whether cooperatively or competitively, play with other people. Furthermore, they suggest that playing video games with a friend, or a few friends, promotes pro-social behavior that translates to other relationships outside the gaming environment.

Playing video games can be fun and beneficial, so smash your way to social wellness by joining Pitt’s Super Smash Bros. Club! Even if you don’t know much about the game or video games in general, but are interested in learning and enhancing your gaming skills, attend one of the club’s tournaments to see if it’s the place for you.

Email for more info.



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